Scott's pedal board is made by Vetex Effects Systems.
Scott uses a very short cable from the guitar, into an Xotic RC Booster, Maxon SD-9, Fulltone Octafuzz, Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, Arion Chorus with true bypass mod, Vertex Axis Wah, and then into the amp.
All of Scott's cable is Xotic Cable XGC-1 with Switchcraft plugs.
The amp effects send goes down to the black box with the knob on top, which is an E.W.S. Subtile Volume Control which Scott uses for his master volume, then into a Vertex modded Boss FV500L volume pedal, used for big volume changes. The output of the volume pedal goes back up to the input of a one channel Suhr line mixer, and the output of the mixer goes to the amp effects return.
The Boss SE-70 goes into the send/return of the mixer, and all the SE-70 patches are set to 100% wet.
The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse is used to switch programs on the SE-70.
The Boss RC-2 Loop Station is not connected. Scott hooks it up in place of the wah during soundcheck to check his tone in the PA and for general fun.
The black box on the top right contains five 9v batteries which power all the pedals. It has an on/off switch, so no need to unplug pedals when not in use, or take pedals off the board to change batteries. Cool!
Scott uses a Snark SN-8 "Super Tight" headstock tuner.


Scott's amp is a Suhr SH100, which is a hand-wired version of channel 2 on the OD100 Classic, but with an aluminum chassis, plexi Marshall layout and no extra switches.


Scott runs his amp at 8 ohms into a 4x12 open back slant cabinet made by Kerry Wright in Fullerton, CA. The cabinet is loaded with 8 ohm Celestion 25 watt Greenbacks.


Scott's guitars are made by Suhr Guitars.

The Scott Henderson model is a classic with an alder body, roasted maple neck/ Indian rosewood fingerboard, 6100 frets, Suhr locking tuners, three single coil ML Standard pickups (no hot bridge, all pickups are the same), the SSC 2 noiseless system, and a Fender Vintage bridge. Scott's guitar wiring: tone 1 controls the neck and middle pickup, tone 2 controls the bridge pickup, and the tone controls are bypassed in the 2 and 4 positions.
Scott's strings are D'Addario 10's and he uses Fender Heavy picks.

If you are curious about previous amps and recording.
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Updated in October 2014